The Toolkit


There’s more than one way to join the movement!

We need both staff and students to help us get the message out about OMNI.

We thank you in advance for any way that you can spread the word, from: talking face-to-face; sending out emails; uploading plasma screen artwork; adding a graphic to your emails; and sharing on your social media platforms, every single effort will help.

Below you’ll find our bank of assets that you can download and use to promote the movement. There’s also a short form that you can use to request printed materials to display anywhere you think may be useful.

OMNI’s inspiring and uplifting Campaign Video can be used on Twitter or Youtube, displayed on plasma screens or shown at the beginning of a lecture or seminar.

OMNI’s Campaign Square Video, Social Squares, Instagram Stories and GIFS help spread the word across social media platforms.


OMNI’s eye-catching graphics can be displayed on Plasma Screens to raise awareness to students and staff on campus.


OMNI’s Email Signature Graphic can be added to your emails. Use our email copy provided to spread the word or feel free to draft your own.


OMNI branded A3 Posters, A5 Flyers, Cubes and Pin Badges are available upon request! Just fill in this short form and we will send a supply of these in the internal post.


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