Key Findings


Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us.

The Student Officer Team have used the survey results as a powerful catalyst for change – informing discussions with the University on what needs to be done to improve students’ mental health.

  • Academic pressures are the biggest influence on your mental health, followed by financial and then social pressures.

  • 71% of you feel that your mental health affects your quality of life

  • 72% of you struggle with the pressure of deadlines and 70% with burnout

  • 79% of you struggle with maintaining a healthy work / life / study balance


You helped break

the stigma!

Key Findings & Outcomes

Last year the Students’ Union asked you to ‘join the OMNI movement’ and take our mental health survey to help us tackle student mental health issues at Queen’s. An incredible 2,535 of you took part!


Your engagement and activism has been an inspiration and a powerful catalyst for change.

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  • Commitment from the University to explore redesigning the academic year

  • Indication that the University will  investigate assessment methods to address the bunching of deadlines

  • Recruitment of new staff in Advice SU and Student Wellbeing to help and support students

  • Roll out of mental health first aid training for staff

  • Development of a new mental health e-learning platform

  • Srategic review of the University’s out-of-hours service

Student mental health remains the number one priority for the Students’ Union and we will continue to work with the University to create a system that works for you including inputting on a new Institutional Framework to address longer-term factors that you highlighted to us.


Outcomes to date have been: